Flexible Furniture Moves

Yet another furniture arrangment to facilitate serving a sit-down dinner in the original “dining” area and allow for more seating near the fireplace.

Lightweight furniture makes it fast and easy. These two easy chairs are sturdy and comfortable but weigh very little. Flexibility is everything and a nice metaphor for life I think.

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

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Romantic “Porch” Before & After

What’s more American than the front porch? You may remember that I thought it would be nice to have a porch on the front of our townhouse. Well, we don’t have a front porch, but we do have a room that faces east at the front of our townhouse. It also has a large window that brings the outside in – much like a sunroom.

While it serves as an office, it would be nice to use it more often. It could be an afternoon reading space, a morning coffee space or an evening tea space.

Here’s my inspiration photo.

Photo CountryLiving.com

What do I like about this porch? The chair and table are the only furniture. It’s simple. It’s relaxed. There’s not too much here. Flowers add a summery feel. I like the white and honey-color wood.

Giving our room a “sun room” feel will encourage us to use it more often – perhaps for evening tea in the summer or for morning coffee in the winter. Lighter, brighter, more casual decor will be the enticement. Again, I want to use items I already have.

I’ll only use what we already have. First a comfortable chair, side table and lamp for evening use. Next add a plant or two, a pillow & cotton throw in bright colors.


After with cool summer colors –

Photo R. Meshar

After with warm autumn colors –

Photo R. Meshar

It’s coming along. Wicker baskets we had went a long way to organizing the office supplies. The pine table and green plants (moved from the living room) add warm color and life. The chair (my favorite and really comfortable) and lamp make a nice reading spot and the cotton rug feels good underfoot.

It still needs something on the wall above the desk, however. We’ll have to see what goes there . . .

Meanwhile, it’s brighter, more inviting. It’s a nice coffee spot. We’ve already been using this space more often.

Cost so far = FREE.

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Coat Check

Photo R. Meshar

Fall is approaching. A good time to assess my front hall closet. How many coats and jackets do I really need? How much is enough?

Currently I have four coats & jackets that you can see here in the photo on the left. I have a white denim jacket, not shown here – so really five coats/jackets. I am checking resale shops for one mid-length, hooded jacket with a lining that could be used as both a raincoat, lightweight jacket and warmer jacket. Then I could donate my both the lightweight jacket and the raincoat.

In addition I have 2 pairs of winter boots and assorted gloves, mittens and scarves. How much is enough when so many have nothing? How much is too much?

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Colorful Container Garden

Photo R. Meshar

A friend of mine enjoys gardening. Here’s a lesson in small space living; even though she has a balcony, not a yard, she hasn’t let that stop her from having an extravagant garden. Using a few terracotta pots and selecting rich, contrasting colors she created a balcony oasis. Take a look for yourself.

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

Photo R. Meshar

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Closet Check

This year has been a practice in living with less, living more simply and simple living. To that end I have resolved not to purchase new clothing, to use what I have and to pass along clothing I don’t use.

When so many have so little, how much is enough? I have lightened my load. Still, there is always more to cull through. Nevertheless, the clothes I have now seem to work well, work together and fit my lifestyle. Everything fits easily into my closet, but how much is enough? How much is too much?

In Minnesota we layer clothing. Therefore, my wardrobe consists mainly of T-shirts, a few shirts and sweaters. Everything can be layered. Take a look –

The left side of the closet holds yoga pants, slacks and jeans. Summer curtains are stored on the shelf above.

Overhead, on the right, a few sweaters and cotton turtlenecks are stacked on the shelf. How much is enough?

A chest of drawers holds underwear, PJ’s, socks, scarves and seasonal items like swimsuits and flannel-lined jeans (yes, I actually use/need them on super cold days). Is this too much?

Meanwhile, the process of evaluating what I actually need vs. what I actually have continues. Hopefully, yet more items will be passed along to others who need them. And then I will have enough.

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