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“To Teach is to Build” International Conference, Naklo, Slovenia


Presviti v slovenski klik tukaj.

Earlier this year I submitted a paper and was subsequently invited to be a plenary speaker at “To Teach is to Build” International Conference in Naklo, Slovenia.

Thank you to organizers of the conference here in Naklo for your invitation and generous hospitality! Also, I’d like to thank Mary’s Pence (maryspence.org) for contributing to my airfare and their ongoing support of my work. It is an honor for me to be here with all of you.

My professional background is posted here.

Welcome to the conference!

In order for conference participants to more easily view or translate my presentation (using a smart phone), the presentation slide text follows.

Curriculum Development:

Political, Subversive, Dangerous

Dr. Roxanne Meshar, “To Teach is to Build” Conference

Naklo, Slovenia, October 2, 2015

Creator Spirit

Help us respond to our call to be members of one family.
Guide us to constant peaceful concern for sisters and brothers throughout the world.
Make us mindful of the needs of those who endure the injustices of war, hunger, poverty,
that we may live in harmony and unity with others.
Renew our commitment to our global family. Beyond Borders, Catholic Relief Services

There is no “objective” curriculum
– Every curriculum has a point of view – cultural, historical, linguistic, geographical or psychological
– The question is do we disclose the bias?

Whose story and how we tell it
– History of American First Nations
– History of chattel slavery in North America
– Who decides? Who benefits?

Teach students to identify events and systems
– Creating a system of under privilege and over privilege in the U.S.
– Representative government benefits elites
– Pay for education with property taxes
– Always ask students, “Who benefits?”

Wealth transfer and poverty creation in our time
– Inequality in pay creates generational poverty
– Charity – who benefits?
– Unregulated capitalism allows unethical businesses to monopolize industries, create laws for their own benefit

What to do?
– Help build awareness and empathy “muscles”
– Develop and enrich personhood through engagement with those who are different

Exercises can build diversity awareness and empathy
– Identify social location
Simon Says or My View games
– Games can teach values of sharing, cooperation, inclusion

Embracing diversity is not optional – it is required for our survival
– Diversity creates cultural richness
– Increases our curiosity about others
– Builds awareness and empathy
– Develops our personhood, humanity
– Is a critical survival skill

Caution: Curriculum development
– Political, subversive, dangerous
– Essential for our survival and the survival of our planet

– Demonstration of fast, easy exercises for students of all ages
– Help students develop empathy and compassion “muscles” for life


Afternoon Workshop – Come to the workshop! Here you will see demonstrations of fun, quick and easy exercises that help build compassion and empathy (collected over the years and around the web) –

Simon Says uses the childhood game of the same name to show that not everyone begins life with the same advantages.

My View allows us to learn from points of view different from our own.

Stand Where You Stand – for now. Our opinions and ideas are always changing.

Describing our social location reminds us that our point of view is quite limited!

Popular games can also be a source of learning. Prophetopoly (by Jeff Dols, Monopoly in reverse), the game of Life and others can be played with the same rules, but the objectives are changed so that all are cared for. This helps build cooperation, compassion, empathy.


What Can Women Do To Resist Patriarchy?

Patriarchy is the primary source of poverty. Since those struggling with poverty are primarily women and children, it behooves us to ask what we as women can do to end the patriarchal system that causes so much poverty.