Meaning of Life or a Life of Meaning?

Photo R. Meshar

What is the meaning of life? Isn’t this the question we all ask ourselves as some point? Many spend a large part of their lives searching for the answer this very question. This question has motivated trips to gurus in India and more. But upon further reflection, I think this is the wrong question. It seems to me there is a much better question to ask.

Instead ask, “How will I bring meaning to my life?” This is something we can do for ourselves. In the end, when all is said and done, we want our lives to mean something. We want the world to be better off because we were in it. We want to be better persons on the inside for having lived our lives.

This is a question of how to best serve the world, thereby bringing meaning to our lives.

This is a better question because if the world is, in fact, a random event then I will still have made good use of my life and contributed to a better world for those, perhaps my own children, who come after me.

On the other hand, if something larger than ourselves initiated the process of creation (or a/the big bang) and pervades the universe, including us, than living a life of meaning connects me with this larger life force or “Love” if you will. Observing the universe convinces me that this life force is creative, generative, other-centered – the best part of myself even.

In the end serving others or working for a more just world (the very definition of loving rightly) brings us a life of depth and meaning. This is a valuable outcome regardless whether or not we believe in a Creator. Serving others forces us to let go of our own ideas of how our life should be. We think too small. We can’t begin to comprehend where Life or the Universe would like to take us.

Let go. Focus outward. Live.

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