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InnerPacific – the name of this blog – refers to our own interior depths. We may get caught in the waves of drama or anxiety on the surface, but we are more than this. We have great inner depth and wisdom that we can trust and tap into at any time.

It’s interesting that as a society we care that we and our children learn knowledge along with physical education and body health. But why aren’t we as concerned about education with regard to inner health and interior life? This is why InnerPacific is launching a series called InnerPeace.

Having good boundaries, healthy self-talk, meditation skills, knowing what values are important to maintaining personal integrity, having the resources to deal with a variety of people, being one’s own authority and trusting that – these skills bring inner peace.

Too many of us have grown up without these skills. Life becomes very difficult without good personal boundaries, being clear about which values are important or knowing how to communicate directly, but kindly with others. Drama saps our energy. Worry causes anxiety. This does not create a fabulous life – quite the opposite!

The InnerPeace series will focus on those topics that contribute to our inner peace and equanimity. When you are clear about who you are on the inside and what is important to you on the outside, inner peace results. This frees our energy and attention to focus on what is truly important in our lives.

This doesn’t mean life will be free of challenges or struggles. It won’t. Life is risky, by definition. But it does mean that we will be able to tap into the wisdom inside in order to discern more readily the best options available to us to meet those challenges. We can live in the depths of the ocean rather than be tossed by the waves.

Being able to live the life we have been given – as richly as possible – this is something we can learn to do.

Let your mind be like the clear water that washes over the stones.

You and I deserve this. Our children deserve this. Our world deserves this.

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  1. This information needs to be passed to other people, and i will definitely do it.

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