Biking Up Hill

Photo R. Meshar

This is a brief discussion about mutuality in relationships. Are you doing all of the “heavy lifting” in some of your relationships? Perhaps you do most of the inviting and arranging of activities. If you do – and this is important – does this feel out of balance to you?

Healthy adult relationships should be like riding a bike. It requires some effort, but it should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like biking up hill most of the time. There should be effortless coasting downhill, feeling the breeze on your face. This is especially true of relationships where you spend a lot of time.

Think about it. If you feel out of balance in a relationship take a step back. Do less. Give the other person a chance to contribute. If this is a close relationship, explain that you feel you are doing too much and need to re-balance. If contribution is not forth coming, allow the relationship to move to a level where both of you are making similar effort – whatever level that may be.

Enjoy the new ease you’ve just incorporated into your life.

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  1. Everything I have read on Interpacific hits me right to the heart the funniest part is this morning I felt like Cinderella locked away on expensive branch doing too much so I got on the Internet and looked up is there such a thing as a Cinderella syndrome and guess what, God has directed me in this and now I am reading all these things that touch my heart so much I cry a lot I’m 72 and I wish I could have appointments Roxanne Macharr. I live in California Chico you have any info for me I’d love to hear from someone

    1. Love receiving your comments. Keep reading and offering your thoughts. Peace to you.

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