Trust Yourself

Photo R. Meshar

God does not test us – but life does. Life is challenging and risky. Yet,  God takes a risk in allowing a creation that is free to choose, even choose wrongly. In the same way we take a risk in living too.

This is why it is so important to trust yourself. When you can access the trust and love you have deep within yourself, then when others fall short or relationships change or fall apart, devastation isn’t inevitable. These things will happen to us. It’s how we navigate these waters that matters.

Trusting ourselves first isn’t the same as being unwilling to trust others, or being overly independent or isolated. It doesn’t mean that we shield ourselves from the risks life will inevitably bring.

Rather, we can count on our humility and tenacity to seek help from others when we need it, learn from experiences of missplaced trust, develop new relationshps, be creative, regroup and make changes. We can do this because our love and trust of ourselves comes from deep within. It is always with us.

God lives within the deepest interior of our hearts. Trusting ourselves is intertwined with trusting God.

Interestingly describes “faith” as “Confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability” (emphasis mine). Trust in our truest selves, our deepest interior or God then, is faith.

Trusting ourselves gives us flexibility, resiliance and hope in the face of adversity, hurt and suffering.

Trust yourself.

Photo R. Meshar

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