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The past few months I have embarked on the study of yoga. While I have been practicing yoga for awhile now I decided to learn more about its philosophy, history and traditions.

Practicing the poses of yoga are only one aspect of this tradition. Through the practice I am really learning about my own limits and how they vary from day to day. I am learning what fits my body and what works best to keep my mind focused and present for each pose. In this way I am learning to be my own teacher. Being my own teacher means being able to recognize what is healthy for me. This wisdom can be carried over into the rest of my life. What choices will keep me present and focused? What choices will keep me physically healthy? What choices will keep me healthy mentally?

Practicing yoga is one way to connect with the teacher within. Deep inside, we have a center point, a place that is our most authentic self. Access it and we can tap into our own wisdom wherever and whenever we need it. Confident in our ability to be present to this wisdom we can work to change systems of poverty, lack and injustice in the world.

Find joy and peace within. Become your own teacher.

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  1. Affirmation-Here and now, God is. God is around me as a vibrant living presence, and as me at my innermost level of being. God is the reality of everything I see , touch and relate to, moment to moment ~ Roy Eugene Davis

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