Simple Wardrobe

Too often we have closets that are crammed with additional bins of clothes in the garage or in a storage space. But the task of reducing our wardrobe to something manageable can seem overwhelming – daunting. We all know that a streamlined wardrobe makes life so much easier. You select from a few outfits that you know are flattering, comfortable, easy care and work for you. Likely, that’s why you wear the these basic outfits more than 80% of the time. These items are the workhorses of your wardrobe.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick way to pare back and streamline our wardrobes, create space in our closets, have outfits that always work and can be selected effortlessly?  Well, because I often travel for weeks with just ten items of clothing, I’ve developed a system for keeping my entire wardrobe to a minimum. It’s easy and it has been working great for me for a few years now. I’m happy to share my system with you and you can decide if it will work for you too.

Here are the basic rules that govern my system –

Eliminate the following

– Entire categories of clothing; belts, blazers, leggings, dress heels – if you rarely wear them

– Anything that requires ironing, hand wash or dry cleaning; anything lined, leather, suede, silk (unless it’s washable, no iron), or tencel

– Skirts and dresses because they often require slips, hosiery, dress heels or leggings

– Any cardigans that  can’t be worn alone or that don’t have buttons or a closing like a zipper

– Anything single use and any top that can’t be layered, under or over another top

– Shorts, crops and capris if you can only use them for one season. Instead roll up existing jeans and knit pants for a boyfriend look.

– Use a mid-rise, straight leg for slacks and jeans. Mid-rise slims, straight leg lengthens and works over boots. This simplifies and streamlines.

– Avoid “dressy” category or “special occasion.” If you can’t wear it daily too, why have it?

That’s it to start. In following these basic rules shopping becomes so much easier. I never even look at dresses, blazers or heels for example.

I’ll follow-up with more ideas to simplify your wardrobe in two more posts. Meanwhile, see if any of the rules listed will make it easier to streamline your wardrobe and thus, at least a little bit, your life. Give yourself the gifts of space and time.

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