Only 3.9 Billion Years Left

Photo NASA Photo Journal

As DH wrote in an email to me, “Wrap your brains around THIS ONE from Technology Review.”

Just 3.9 billion years left before time ends? Interesting to think about – and supports the Doctrine of Creation belief that time had a beginning and has a telos, meaning a purpose, goal or endpoint. Time doesn’t go on endlessly.

God or reality has a purpose and a vision in mind – even if it’s not a specific plan because we have free will. Actually all of creation has some degree of free will. This is because God takes a risk in creating and allows creation the freedom to be and to choose. We can observe this because we live in an evolutionary universe.

As theologian and scientist John Haught notes, a self-emptying, self-giving, but infinite God requires that any finite creation of God’s must, therefore, be an evolving one.

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