Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice and a habit. I have learned that how I feel on the inside does not depend on my exterior circumstances. Individuals like Ghandi and Etty Hillesum are well-known people who have demonstrated this for us. Be inspired. Read Etty Hillesum’s diary, An Interrupted Life.

Whether we are married or not, have children or not, are rich or not, has no bearing on our ability to be happy. Once our basic needs are met, if we choose happiness, life will open itself to us. Enjoy life fully and then, regardless of your circumstances, you will have had a wonderful life. If marriage, children, the job we want, etc. occur – then that is merely icing on the cake – is it not? If those things don’t happen, life is still good.

Since happiness is a choice why wouldn’t we choose it? Like learning to play the piano, choosing a life of happiness requires daily practice that keeps us healthy in body and mind.

How do we choose happiness habits? We choose them – or not – a thousand times each day. Here are some choices for happiness we can make today:

Play, skip, volunteer, exercise, stretch, build deeper relationships, read what inspires you, use your imagination, dance, cook for yourself, cook for others, sit and just listen, do nothing, listen to music, meet new people, smile, laugh, sing, enjoy nature, pray, meditate, find awe in the ordinary, be willing to be surprised, breathe deeply, discover yourself, enjoy time alone.

All that is required to choose happiness is to have our most basic needs met. That is why it is important to work for change so others’ basic needs are met – then they will have the ability to choose happiness too.

Choose happiness habits today!

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