Obama’s Budget Throws Seniors Under the Bus

Photo IBTimes.com
Photo IBTimes.com

So it’s official – Obama’s budget proposal balances the Federal Budget by taking more money from Social Security than from the richest elites. Read the full NakedCapitalism post here. I emailed my congressional representative today and you should too. Here’s what I wrote:

 I WILL WORK to see that Franken is NOT re-elected if he supports ANY Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid cuts. 

After giving TRILLIONS (not billions)from the public purse in reduced overnight Fed funds rates and tax breaks to banks and the rich (since the 90’s), Obama has DONE NOTHING to claw back the TRILLIONS in corporate welfare handed out in the financial meltdown. 

We have seen clearly that handing money to the rich has NOT created jobs – rather millions of jobs have been lost. A strong middle class creates demand and jobs. 

Wake up!! Give a trillion (or two?) to support basic needs for our most vulnerable – women, children, elderly and the disabled. This  would then be a country I would want to live in.

Email your congressional representatives today. Don’t let Obama or congress balance the budget on the backs of seniors. Demand that massive corporate welfare be stopped in order to balance the budget.