Bottled Water? Yuck!

Pacific Ocean Trash

In my mind, anyone still selling, using or buying bottled water, or soda in plastic bottles, thus contributing to that massive sludge of garbage – primarily plastic bottles – floating around the south Pacific, is either living in a cave or brain dead.

Get a clue. Drink tap water or get a reusable water bottle. Then use it.

Same goes for plastic bags.

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  1. With plastic water bottles it is a double whammy! The quality of bottled water is at best dubitable. You depend on the evidence and veracity of the bottler. It has been shown over and over that they are not truthful, but they are greedy.

    Municipal water in most places in the USA is publicly monitored and it is certified drinkable, something that may or may not be the case for bottled water.

    Second issue is the sludge and garbage that just will not biodegrade in many-many years. It causes all sorts of environmental headaches – and saying “environmental” means “YOUR BACK YARD”, not just some other planet some where where one need not care.

    Plastic bags are the “glue” that holds together huge islands of garbage on the oceans made of all sorts of debris. They also kill a large amount of sea life.

    If you cannot avoid plastic bottles, at least use them 4-5 times before discarding them. If you cannot avoid plastic bags, at least use them several times, then before finally discarding them, cut the handles, so some poor animal does not get stuck with an ugly choking “necklace” emblazoned with the name of you favorite grocery store.

    California OUTLAWED plastic bags. We need more such legislation.

    1. All excellent points! Thank you.

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