Job Security Reduces Depression, Improves Health

Wow! Who knew? (Sarcasm intended)

This article from the BBC highlights just how thoughtless and wacky the mainstream media has become. Publishing common sense as ground breaking research is lazy journalism at its best. Here’s an exerpt:

“Andy Bell, deputy chief executive of the Centre for Mental Health, said: “We know that unemployment and the fear of unemployment are major risk factors for poor mental health.

“This research shows how important it is that we treat the mental health of people who are not just out of work but also in work but fear losing their jobs as a major public health issue”.

Of course unemployment increases depression. This requires research?

Plus, in addition to not being able to care for themselves or their families, the unemployed lack health insurance. This means preventive health care suffers and healthcare is a basic human right.

People without jobs that provide health insurance can’t afford regular checkups, anti-depressants, or even cold medicine for kids.

Transportation to get care or medicine can be a problem for the unemployed even if they qualify for state-funded health insurance. Without a car, it may be too difficult to get to a healthcare facility. How willing would you be to wait hours for a bus to get to an urgent care center if you had a high fever, chills or worse?

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