Tasting Caviar

Photo WomanReading from BreathingBooks.tumblr.com

If you’re a book lover like I am, this picture pretty much says it all.

Books change us. Books move us forward, inspire us, and allow us to see new possibilities. They ignite our imagination and transport us to new worlds. Much of the best that human society has to offer is held in books. Most of history (in the West) resides in books.

Ideas worth knowing take more than an article, more than a TV show, more than a brief conversation. Ideas worthy of our time usually take a book.

To read is to engage others, engage our own minds and open our hearts.

When I tasted the caviar of authors such as Austen, Dickenson, Browning, Tolstoy or James, everything else suddenly paled in comparison. Once you taste caviar you know the difference.

Check out these beautiful, bibliophilic pictures and quotes over at Breathing Books. Then go taste the caviar.

A “thank you” to my friend L, a librarian of course.

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