Fast & Easy Holiday Decor

With the holidays upon us — I thought I would revisit this post from last year reminding me that there is alternative way to spend my time, resources and effort. We always have a choice.

If doing this seems like waaaaay too much time $$$ and effort, especially . . .


. . . when you’d rather be doing this –


Then maybe it’s time for something new. Try a few of these simpler, easier ways to let your house know it’s holiday time, while still giving you time to actually enjoy the season.

Easier on your time and budget.

Easier on the environment.

Use this idea on any shelf, mantle or table, with pumpkins or ornaments


How about this?

Country Living
AptTherapy Evergreen Alternative

Or most simply


Decorating and set up – 5 minutes. Relaxing and enjoying – all month long.

Happy decorating!

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  1. Yabbutt – the cultural pull is huge! Autopilot brain will preclude thinking “no Christmas tree” because, because… because “well, we have always dun it!!!!” never mind that there was never a REASON why “we always dunn it that way” and in fact, there may be several reason why NOT to do it “that way” again…

    I like the freshness of your ideas. Isn’t it true that what we add to an image with our own mind surpasses by far any explicit additions? It is like this in so many areas of our life. Here is an example, Alfred Hitchcock – there was a great line drawing of his profile, everyone knew what and who it was and it was a minimal amount of drawing – see in this LA Times rendition from August 2011

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