Dallas “Snow-Over”

Returning from Costa Rica we got caught in the big snow storm which reached as far south as Dallas. As a flight couldn’t be scheduled until the next day we decided to enjoy our extra day of vacation. We ended up at the Element Hotel. In the midst of this snow and ice storm, our cab driver James, safely delivered us to the hotel. What we found there was a little unexpected.

Element Hotels are green. Each space has ENERGY STAR qualified kitchen appliances, eco-friendly bath fixtures, and recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass. They used recycled paper towels in the kitchen. We found a filter system for drinking water at the sink to replace plastic bottles, and silverware and glassware instead of disposable products.

The shower had dispensers for shampoo/conditioner and body wash, rather than wasteful mini-bottles. The manager informed me that the rainfall shower fixture saves 5,300 gallons of water per room, per year.

Carpets with up to 100% recycled content and low-VOC paint. Large windows and compact fluorescent bulbs that use 75% less energy than conventional bulbs.

Our room was well designed with a kitchen on one wall, a sectional sofa, desk and queen sized bed (with luxurious linens) filled the rest of the space.

Prices were comparable. I would stay there again and recommend it. Why not support green if you can? We vote with our dollars after all.

Here’s what our room looked like below. Amazing. An entire apartment in 450 square feet.